We offer affordable escrow services in a professional environment.


Zeno Bakalian P.S. offers price-competitive escrow services in a professional environment and with a commitment to quality over volume. Our referral sources include real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and satisfied customers.

The escrow process starts when the parties have signed a purchase and sale agreement. Often the parties deliver the earnest money to us, to hold in our trust account. Our escrow officer then begins the work of closing the deal. A partial list of the tasks includes: ordering the title report, if it has not been ordered already; ordering a UCC search and obtaining a rent roll for commercial transactions; contacting the existing lenders and lien holders for payoff information; completing the loan documents furnished by the buyer’s lender; preparing the deed, excise tax affidavit, and other documents needed to close the transactions; calculating prorations and paying closing costs out of funds held in escrow; preparing the settlement statement accounting for moneys received and disbursed; and meeting with the buyer and seller to sign documents. We can answer any of your questions during any part of this process.

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Escrow Contact:

Jennifer Hays
(425) 822-1511