We provide counsel and advice regarding all aspects of hazardous waste issues, commercial and residential contaminated property transactions, land use and administrative enforcement and permitting matters.

Environmental and Land Use Law

We do environmental law, with particular emphasis on everything pertaining to hazardous materials. This includes defending and prosecuting claims relating to the cleanup of contaminated property.

We  have expertise with EPA's environmental laws and regulations as well as the specific Washington and Oregon regulatory programs.  We handle administrative permitting and land use matters, defend clients from agency orders and penalties, advise and assist clients with Superfund and site specific hazardous waste and UST investigations and cleanups, contribution and cost-recovery litigation.  We have successfully concluded negotiations with federal, state and local officials around the country and represent buyers and sellers in commercial and residential property transactions, while also providing assistance and counsel regarding stormwater discharge permitting and numerous other environmental, natural resource and land use matters.  

Our environmental attorney, Allan Bakalian, has over 25 years of experience with environmental law in both Washington and Oregon.