Below are various links to helpful information. If you don't find what you need, feel free to contact us for help in finding what you are looking for.


King County recorders office: Shows deeds and a variety of other recorded documents. Brief descriptions of the documents are available, beginning in 1976. Images of the documents are generally available, beginning in 1991, except for deeds of trust.

Snohomish County recorder’s office: Similar to King County recorder’s office site, except that images of deeds of trust are available.

King County parcel viewer: Contains a wealth of information about each parcel of property in the County, searchable by tax parcel number or street address.

Secretary of State, Corporations Division: Contains names and registered agents of corporations and other legal entities, such as LLCs.

RCWs, WACs, County Codes, and Municipal Codes: All of these are available through the “Legal Resources” button at the site.